Thursday, March 8, 2018


I went to Queenstown, Te Anau and Milford Sound.
Me,Mum and dad did a boat trip down Milford Sound and some people say it is the 8th wonder of the world.
It is a Fiord surrounded by really high peaks which have trees going out of rock.We went through the Homer Tunnel to get to Milford sound.Milford Sound is one of the wettest places in the world and the rain creates hundreds of waterfalls along every peek.The big cliffs and valleys were formed by ancient glaciers over hundreds of thousands of years.We saw seals and dolphins!
When we were on the boat the wind nearly blew us off our feet.
We went for a awesome bike ride it was the best bike ride I ever had.On our way to Te Anau there were these people from overseas who nearly had three crashes. We called star 555 and the cop came to tell them off.

This is a rock I found on lake Te Anau.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Welcome To 2018

Room 10 is back for another year of blogging and sharing their learning with the world! 

We love comments so please leave us a comment on our learning. 

Room 10 have 26 shining stars this year so expect to read something exciting from every student in Room 10. 

We hope you all have a fabulous year as well.

Room 10

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Interesting facts about cows

Hi I am Erika and I did 5 facts about cows for Chapter Chat for the book we're reading called, The Terrible Two. 

The first one is that cows are social animals and also they are form large herds.
I was really proud of that first line because I had to put two facts together and made one.

Now the 2nd, well cows are actually colourblind to red and green. I know right, crazy! I wonder if they know grass isn't black? 
I was really surprised about that when I read that.

Number 3 is just amazing: a cows heart beats 60 - 70 beats per minute.
It is nuts! A person's heart only beats 40 -45, sometimes 55 for athletes.

Number 4 is a wow. An average cow can hear lower & higher noises better than people.
I had no idea that cows can hear better than people!

Now for the big one ...5! An average dairy cow weighs about 1,200 pounds!
I had no idea that an average cow weighs about 1,200 pounds until I read about it on the chrome book!

Which fact did you find surprising?
By Erika

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Chapter Chat

We really love doing chapter chat because we get to do creative activities that go with the story or make some new ones up too. 

Latanoa and I got sticks and made the lodge where Ros lives and saved all the animals from a harsh winter. 

By Sienna and Latanoa

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Using Kid Pix

Room 10 have been using Kid Pix to draw pictures to illustrate their stories or for ICT tasks during Chapter Chat. Their skills are improving every time they draw! I think there are some future graphic artists in this class!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Aquilla's Little Garden

Our class was lucky to win a complete Little Garden NZ kit from SchoolKit.  Aquila was very excited to plant the seeds as this was the first time she got to do this so this became her passion time project. 

Aquila has been planting and raising a little garden in Room 10 since Week 10 of Term 3.  Aquila checks the plants everyday to see if they need water and when her learning assistant, Ellen, is here, they work on learning all about the flowers and plants they have planted. 
Ellen writes the story for Aquills
Aquilla writes her sentences about the plants.
Proud of all her hard work.

Aquilla's little garden

Chapter Chat and Bears

This term we are reading The Wild Robot by Peter Brown. This week there was a flurry of creative tasks for the class to complete. 

Hop onto our twitter to see our best work. 

Room 10 Twitter Feed

Ava and Stella created a google slideshow about bears as there are bears in this book. They worked together to figure out how to make a slideshow, got copyright free photos from a safe website and put it all together in an amazing slideshow. 

Great work!

Room 10

Click All About Bears to watch their slideshow. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

New Buildings

On Friday after Room 10s talent show, we had our Tuakana Teina time with our buddies. Me and Lachlan took photos of the new stuff that is in Grey Lynn School. We liked the new classrooms, the new pathway and our new office.  By Nikhil

Spot the Difference!

We made the alphabet and mixed some letters up we decided to make spot the difference so comment if you find the differences. by Torin and Sam

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